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Gravel Cost Per Cubic Yard
A cubic yard is a cube of material that is one yard or 3 feet wide, long, and high. There are 27 cubic feet in one cubic yard. Depending on the material you are measuring, you will need to remember that loose materials will fluff up when dry and compress down when wet.

The costs of installing buying and installing decorative landscape gravel are first tied to the type of decomposed granite you want and then the size and specifications of the project. Always figure that you are going to want at a depth of at least 2 inches of gravel over the ground it is being applied to. Other costs are going to be;
Labor to move and install the decomposed granite.
Weed barrier or landscape fabric that goes between the ground and the decomposed granite.
Edging materials used to form up the parameter of the gravel or D.G. area. Edging materials are not typically used in "natural setting" designs, but edging materials of wood, stone, steel, aluminum or plastics are used and needed more focused or formal installations.
Equipment costs depend on the scale of your project. In most residential landscape settings a wheel barrow and vibra-plate compactor are more than enough.

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Gravel or D.G. Material Costs

Prices per ton or yard vary according the amount you purchase. We offer gravel, decomposed granite and crushed stone fine materials in bags, bulk unit bags, square yard and truck and trailer units.
Bags weigh 50 to 80 pounds each.
Bulk Unit Bags weigh 1,000 pounds each.
1 Square yard weighs 3,000 pounds
1 ton weighs 2,000 pounds.

Gravel, Decomposed Granite & Similar Products. There are so many companies selling products that they call "Decomposed Granite" that are in fact not decomposed granite at all that it has bastardized the name Decomposed Granite. The result is a great deal of confusion by perspective buyers of these products. We have included all of these industry products in this group. We have however tried to identify which items are true D.G. products and which are just crushed rock or by products of quarry operations. All of these products here are very effective in pathway, soft patio and utility area paving. Where we have concerns about a particular product we have noted our opinion.
Decomposed Granite Costs