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There are so many companies selling products that they call "Decomposed Granite" that are in fact not decomposed granite at all that it has bastardized the name Decomposed Granite. The result is a great deal of confusion by perspective buyers of these products. We have included all of these industry products in this group. We have however tried to identify which items are true D.G. products and which are just crushed rock or by products of quarry operations. Crushed Stine or Rock Fines are similar to Decomposed Granite in appearance to many people but are not true decomposed granite materials. In many circumstances Crushed Stone Fines may provide a superior effect in terms of texture, color and total cost savings. There are several CSF materials that are very similar to decomposed granite because the rock that they are by product of is granite or quartz. However most Crushed Stone Fines are the by product of other types of rock production and not well suited for portions of the landscape that do not receive a lot of foot traffic. We try to provide as much as information as possible in each product description. Receiving product samples are often the best way to make a final decision.
Decomposed Granite & Similar Crushed Stone Products